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Penn Healthcare Innovation Challenge

The Wharton Innovation & Design club is excited to partner with The University of Pennsylvania Health System in sponsoring the second annual Healthcare Innovation Challenge.


The Healthcare Innovation Challenge is a three-week event that provides students an environment in which to learn a structured approach to innovation while crafting new solutions to a pressing issue in the American healthcare system: patient preparation for surgery. Graduate students from various disciplines (Engineering, Medicine, Business, Nursing, Design, Computer Science) across Penn’s campus will come together to learn design-thinking methods and work to improve the experience of patients preparing for joint replacement surgery at Penn Musculoskeletal Center, a University of Pennsylvania Health System subsidiary.

Through a number of highly interactive workshops taught by industry and innovation experts from Smart Design, students will be exposed to the various stages of innovative thinking within the healthcare context. Sessions will focus on the principles of:

  • Need-Finding: Uncover latent patient needs and learn to synthesize your observations.
  • Ideation: Learn how to brainstorm novel ways of solving patient problems
  • Prototyping: Experiment with your idea and bring it to life using prototyping tools and techniques
  • Storytelling: Pitch the core problem you’ve identified and your team’s solution 

SIGN UP BY march 4th!

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