We are excited to receive applications from all types of students at Penn!

Director of Penn Design Challenge

The Design Challenge is one of ID’s most exciting offerings, with participants across Wharton, Integrated Product Design and Engineering work on redesigning how entrepreneurs accessed capital through a six week design thinking process, as facilitated by top innovation firms like Fahrenheit 212 and RCA. 

Who are you: This is a great role for someone who wants to build a career managing innovation in large corporations, and wants to get hands on experience running similar programming.

What you'll do:

  • Work with Corporate Sponsor to identify a prompt and clear deliverables
  • Working with the Challenge VPs to recruit innovation firms to teach Challenge workshops, b) create promotional materials, and c) manage general Challenge logistics
  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017


Director of Finance

In order for our club to grow and expand, we need to expand our engagement with internal and corporate sponsors. We see our VP of Finance as leading this effort, working closely with the Design Challenge, Summit, and Education teams to identify sponsors that will help make their events even more successful!

Who are you? If you love numbers, want to get fundraising and strategic partnership experience, but also work the left side of your brain, this is a great role for you!

What you'll do:

  • Identify ways to use our funds to create even bigger and better events
  • Actively work with teams to build a budget
  • Implement an event approval process
  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Director of Careers

Let’s be honest, finding jobs in innovation consulting and corporate innovation centers is not easy. We’re looking for Directors of Careers to work with our Careers VP to make sure our numbers keep going up every year.

Who are you? This role is great for someone who plans to recruit for jobs in the industry post-school and wants be at the forefront of building the club’s relationships with both innovation consulting and corporate innovation centers, as well as being a go-to resource for other students looking to make it in the field.

What you'll do:

  • Maintaining and building relationships at top innovation consulting/corporate innovation centers across the country to facilitate student recruitment

  • Working with Jenn Savoie and Porsha Alexandra in Career Services to help identify resources and develop workshops to help position students for recruiting success

  • Developing a recruiting/interview best practice handbook and organizing related workshops

  • Organizing three treks – NYC Fall, NYC Spring, and SF (Fall/early Spring)

  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018


Director of Marketing

A club is nothing if no one knows what’s going on, and that’s what our Director of Communications & Marketing is all about. They will work closely with the club to help drive community engagement and attendance, and will provide marketing support to all teams to make sure that events are well-publicized across the Penn Community. They’ll also drive our social media strategy – Facebook, Twitter – if you want to add Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat…let’s talk.

Who are you? You like being in the know and making sure everyone is too. You’ve come from or are considering a career in marketing, social media, whatever, but also want to see what this whole innovation and design is all about.

What you’ll do:

  • Being the connector across teams to help identify opportunities for collaboration, potential overlap in events, and just general synthesis (yes, we went there).

  • Managing content in our weekly newsletter and uploading the awesome stuff we’re doing to our website

  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2015 – Spring 2016


Director of Education

Design thinking and innovation are nebulous, fuzzy buzzwords that are often said and rarely understood. Our Education team is at the forefront of educating students, faculty, strangers on the street…anyone who will listen (or come to events really) on what the nuts and bolts of innovation and design really look like. What are the five phases of the design thinking process? How can someone run an effective brainstorming session? What does mean to prototype a product? You got the answers and you have the patience and passion to share them with the ID community.

Who are you? This role is great for anyone who loves getting their hands dirty in applying design thinking – you probably nerd out about user research, dream of doing in-depth ethnographic interviews for your job, and are excited about getting up in front of a classroom and being a pro.

What you'll do:

  • Identifying student educational needs (Tech Prototypes for Newbies, anyone?) and driving the creation of related workshops – curriculum design, teaching, marketing and logistics

  • Recruiting industry thought leaders to campus to teach and facilitate workshops

  • Working with the ID Presidents to build the first facilitator training program for students who want to build out their innovation skillset

  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018


Director of Healthcare Challenge

The Healthcare Challenge is our newest addition to the ID family. As one of the Directors of Healthcare Challenge, you will work closely with your team to help make the spring Healthcare Challenge an even bigger success this time around.

Why you? You love the challenge of driving innovation through a crowd-sourced approach especially in industries of extreme transition. You might want a career in healthcare, you might not. But you love being a part of creating change that has an immediate and personal effect on people’s lives.

What you'll do:

  • Work closely with Penn Medicine to identify a pressing issue that they need to solve and organize logistics

  • Recruit students across Wharton, Integrated Product Design, the Med School, Public Health, and Engineering to find aspiring healthcare innovators who are excited to solve meaty healthcare problems

  • Manage the creation of promotional materials (check out this year’s sweet video here), marketing, and logistics

  • Responsibility Timeline: late Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


Director of Innovation Summit

Our VP and Directors of Innovation Summit creates the magic that is the spring MBA Innovation Summit – an annual gathering of Wharton, CBS and Yale SOM students passionate about innovation and design. You and your team will work closely with the fellow schools to drive logistics, marketing, speakers, sponsors – all the things that make a conference awesome.

Who are you? You love making large scale events happen – you might have done it in the past or hope to do it in the future. You want the chance to build relationships with like-minded students from CBS/Yale and also love the idea of recruiting the industry’s top thought leaders to come share their ideas with us. (Not bad if you’re also recruiting in the space!)

What you'll do:

  • Work with the Summit team to work across the student teams from CBS and Yale to help form a cohesive vision and make it a reality

  • Figure out which people/companies are doing the awesome things that Fast.co would only dream of writing about and get them to come talk to us

  • Work with our VP of Finance to find corporate sponsors for the event and manage ticket sales

  • Manage marketing, promotional materials and logistics (great chance to code a website!)

  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018


Director of Community

Like planning events and helping to create a vibrant club community? Or, do you want to be part of the board and help everyone have some fun?  Join us as the Director of Community.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with the VPs of Community Enrichment to organize fun social events for club members and the board. Meet tons of people and have free range to plan creative events, in addition to regular happy hours
  • Drive our Facebook for social events – getting the word to club members and Wharton about all the cool stuff we’re doing
  • Work with other groups at Wharton like Tech Club, Entrepreneurship Club, the Wharton Entrepreneurship Department, or alumni
  • Responsibility Timeline: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018