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Education: – D&I Wednesday – D&I Next Wednesday

Career: – International Opportunity – Deloitte Innovation Industry Primer

Events at Penn: – Product hack 11/15 – Net Impactathon – Social Impact Week

Events outside Penn: – Healthy Corner Stores

Resources: – Airbnb

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** D&I Wednesday: Generating Creative Ideas

When: 11/5 from 12-1:20pm Where: JMHH G55

Want to brainstorm new product ideas at the intersection of technology, fitness and design, and also learn techniques on how to run your own brainstorming sessions? Wharton's Design & Innovation Club is partnering with xLAB, and Penn's Integrated Product Design Master's program for its two upcoming Ideation and Prototyping workshops!

Who should attend? Anyone interested in design thinking, fitness enthusiasts, technologists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who thinks any of the above sounds like fun. At our upcoming workshop, Generating Creative Ideas, Sarah Rottenberg, the Associate Director of Penn's Integrated Product Design Masters Program and a co-founder of the xLab, will be presenting the results of interviews conducted with potential users on home fitness needs. She’ll be using this research as the basis of a fun and interactive brainstorming workshop to develop new product ideas to potentially move forward with after the session!

The skills you build in the workshop can be used to help drive your ideation sessions for: * that startup you're building, * your upcoming team paper topic, * or an upcoming business plan challenge!

This will be the third workshop in the Design Wednesday's design thinking workshop series, aimed to help you learn tools and strategies to enable innovation within your teams and project.

Our next workshop, "Prototyping and Testing Your Ideas" on 11/19 will be building off product ideas generated in this workshop, so we encourage you to come to both!

Sandwiches are provided!

** D&I Wednesday: Testing Product Ideas for Success

When: 11/19 from 12-1:20pm Where: JMHH G55

Do you have a product idea but don’t know how to make it or how to get feedback from users?

Come to the fourth workshop in Design Wednesday’s design thinking series, “Testing Product Ideas for Success,” designed to help you learn how to successfully build and test prototypes of your ideas by co-creating with users!

We’ll be continuing to partner with xLab (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=12fb80f6be&e=4b88744fb2) and the Penn’s Integrated Product Design Program (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=52eb994ed3&e=4b88744fb2) to build off the home fitness product ideas generated during our 11/5 workshop and learning a series of different easy-to-execute prototyping methods where you’ll be testing your ideas on real users! The Design Wednesday's design thinking workshop series is aimed to help you learn tools and strategies to enable innovation within your teams and project.

** Career

** International Opportunity

Future Ideas – a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, is organizing the Worldwide Academic Competition, where great ideas are submitted in one of six themes of the Future: Business, Technology, Design, Sustainability, Community, and Health.

In order to receive more information on the competition and benefits of collaborating please do not hesitate to contact Olga (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=98fff373da&e=4b88744fb2) . Learn more by going to their website (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=7ed901f5a9&e=4b88744fb2) !

Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=03f7a70f33&e=4b88744fb2) is open from October 15th until December 17th!


Deloitte Innovation Industry Primer

Where: JMHH 345 When: 11/05/14, 4:30 - 6:00 PM

"Innovation" is an exciting topic in the consulting community because our role depends on preparing and transforming clients to stay relevant in the future. At this event, Brett Davis, general manager of ConvergeHEALTH and leader within Deloitte's Innovation Industry, will showcase the current pulse of the industry and host an interactive discussion on his experiences and projects. Come hear about how to establish a dynamic innovation strategy and vision that anticipates the rapid pace of change and is designed to evolve over time.

No need to RSVP. This event is open to all.

Questions: Robyn Ettinger, rettinger@deloitte.com Molly Dominguez, modominguez@deloitte.com

** Events at Penn

** Product Hack on 11/15

Want to know how to turn a great idea into a product? From problem identification to ideation, prototyping and testing, we're hosting a 1-day workshop and competition on product development using the design thinking process.

Introducing ProductHack, a new concept in hackathons! Typically hackathons focus on producing working prototypes without diagnosing user needs; at ProductHack we’re focused on creating products that meet real needs.

During this ten hours tech competition, teams from Wharton, Penn Engineering, and SAS will compete to design, mock up, and pitch the best tech product to a panel of Professors from Penn for up to $500 in cash prizes! No coding necessary, but MVPs and quick market testing will be facilitated.

Click HERE (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=2d17c460cd&e=4b88744fb2) to download the information deck and learn more!

Presented by:

Wharton Innovation & Design Club Wharton Technology Club Wharton FinTech Club Wharton Entrepreneurship Club The Dining Philosophers The Weiss Tech House

** Wharton Social Impact Week - Impactathon

The Wharton Social Impact Club invites you to consider how you will shape the future of business and society. Join us for the third annual Wharton Social Impact Week, a week-long series of events led by innovators tackling the world's most pressing challenges.

Location/Date Info: Friday, November 14: Net Impact + SAP Impactathon, a Innovation & Challenge (Nov. 14, 9AM - 7PM, 2401 Walnut, 8th Floor Multipurpose Room)

Net Impact and software company SAP will host their Impactathon innovation event at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia. This is a lively, 1-day design challenge that lets teams of undergraduate and graduate students pitch solutions to a local social challenge focused on education.

More information:https://netimpact.org/impact-programs/sap-and-net-impact-impactathon

Mark your calendars and RSVP for all events at http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=13d149b70b&e=4b88744fb2!

Deadline to enter all lotteries is 12PM on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Innovation & Design Club is supporting the Impactathon and seeking student volunteers! If you are interested in helping out as a group facilitator (particularly anyone with design thinking experience) or taking pictures, please contact Lily Mathews of Net Impact (lmathews@netimpact.org) and Jessica Yen (jessyen@wharton.upenn.edu). More content-related roles are also open for anyone who'd like to step in!

** Social Impact Week Events

LUNCH & LEARN Steps Toward Sustainability: How Industry can Solve Food & Nutrition Issues - A Discussion with Bill Clark, Wharton Social Impact Initiative's Visiting Practitioner. Sponsored by Wharton Social Impact Club and Wharton Social Impact Initiative.

When: Nov. 10, 12 - 1:20 PM, Where: TBD

Event Contacts: Lorenz Kazda, lkazda@wharton.upenn.edu Justine Wu, justine.m.wu@gmail.com

SPEAKER SERIES "Translating Passion into Results." Talk with Katie Harrison, Co-founder of motive and former Head of Strategy at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, on helping companies position their brands and scale impact. Sponsored by Wharton Social Impact Club.

When: Nov. 11, 3:15 - 4:15 PM Where: Location TBD

Event Contact: Claudia Gutierrez, claug@wharton.upenn.edu

LUNCH & LEARN "Social Entrepreneurship: Overview & Idea Testing." Talk with Dr. James Thompson, Director of Wharton Social Entrepreneurship and author of The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook. Sponsored by Wharton Entrepreneurship.

When: Nov. 12, 12 - 1:20 PM Where: JMHH 265

Get the book for free: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=00ab254290&e=4b88744fb2.

Event Contact: Jill Anick, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship, janick@wharton.upenn.edu

COMMUNITY SERVICE Philadelphia Mural Arts: Make a mural commissioned by the Philadelphia Eagles. Sponsored by Wharton Social Impact Club.

When: Nov. 13, 3 - 5PM Where: 2401 Walnut

The Mural Arts Program has an award-winning art education program and restorative justice program serving at-risk youth and adults in recovery throughout Philadelphia. They believe that art ignites change. To learn more, visit their website here: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=2569c9218f&e=4b88744fb2.

Event Contact: Anita Hossain, ahossain@wharton.upenn.edu Sarah Millar, smillar@wharton.upenn.edu


Events outside Penn

** Healthy Corner Stores

When: Wednesday November 5, 5:30-7pm Where: Meyerson Hall, B-4, 210 South 34th Street

How can Philadelphia innovate and lead with new ideas for healthy choices in corner stores? We'll turn to experienced stakeholders in the healthy corner store world to think about how in-store labels and marketing are used, and consider what could be possible going forward. Join us for a conversation with stakeholders from the City's Public Health Department, The Food Trust, the food retail industry, and members of the Penn community.

Info: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=e3987df403&e=4b88744fb2 Please RSVP at:http://goo.gl/forms/Lq2LvchGcc

Questions? Email benjc@design.upenn.edu


Resources of the Week

** Airbnb: From Failing to Billions

This article (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=f13415c65b&e=4b88744fb2) gives great examples of how the Airbnb founders applied design thinking principles to revitalize their company into the one we know and use on all our treks.

Come to our Design Thinking workshops to see how you can use these techniques to build your own billion dollar company!

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Thanks for reading, we wish you a creative and productive week. If you have any items that you'd like us to include in next week's issue please email Zack: zelliott@wharton.upenn.edu

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