There is a unique opportunity on Friday and a few spots have opened up exclusively for Real Estate focused Wharton Students. Email Alessandro Gardini at to request a spot today.


The Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphia is hosting a full-day design charrette at 2401 Walnut with students and professionals spanning architecture, engineering, and business. You will be working on multi-disciplinary teams to propose a development plan for a specific area of real estate in Philadelphia -- to be revealed on the day of the charrette. The overview, agenda, and guests are below. It's a great opportunity to meet other people in your area of interest and to actually roll up your sleeves to do some development work that can come to life.

Interdisciplinary groups will have 5 hours to develop their proposals for a specific area of Philadelphia, which will be disclosed on the day of the event. Each group will be given background information about the area.  We expect students to express their ideas for this area of the city in a synthesis of composition (plans, elevations etc.), economic and sustainable strategies.  The limited amount of time available will encourage intuitiveness. We believe that integrated design, as an alliance between aesthetics and business thinking, is a powerful tool for envisioning an improved and more sustainable urban environment. Each group will be given 10 minutes to present the proposal to the jury.

2401 Walnut


Many, including food, coffee and drinks

10am-11am: introduction and presentation of the study area
11am-4pm: students work in groups
4pm-5pm: presentation of proposals
5pm-6pm: jury critique and awarding of 1st prize
Light refreshments

Speakers & Jury

  • Paolo Desideri, Architect and Professor of Architectural and Urban Planning in Rome
  • Barbara Klinkhammer, Dean of Architecture at Philadelphia University
  • Natalie Nixon, Program Director of the Strategic Design MBA Program at Philadelphia University
  • Alan Urek, Deputy Executive Director, Philadelphia City Planning Commission
  • Clint Randall, City Planner, Philadelphia City Planning Commission


Students will have the chance to present their work and ideas to the City Planners of Philadelphia in the following weeks.