In our second full year as a professional club, we have big plans to establish the legacy of Wharton Design Club: 

Design Challenge, Fall 2013

A multi-week challenge to create and demonstrate an innovative concept for a specific and real problem provided by a corporate sponsor. Teams of up to six will be equipped with tools and frameworks to craft and then pitch ideas through a series of workshops facilitated by professional innovation firms and designers.

Design Wednesdays, 2013-2014

Monthly Wednesday lunch meetings featuring presentations and workshops covering a range of topics supported by guest speakers from industry, career representatives, and students

Career Treks, 2013-2014

Career treks will take club members to meet innovation groups within product/service companies in the Fortune 500 as well as innovation and design consulting firms

IDSA Case Studies

In the spring of 2014, we will run one or more ISP's in conjunction with the IDSA to develop case studies (similar to HBS cases) that focus on transformatives technologies and products developed by Fortune 500 companies through design thinking.

MBA Innovation Summit, 2014

Annual summit organized by students from Columbia, Yale and Wharton that brings together designers and innovation strategists from a number of industries for a day of panels, workshops and networking opportunities