Wharton Design Club Newsletter – November 12 to 18

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** In this issue:

– Penn Design Challenge update

Careers: – Botouner seeks an MBA intern

Events at Penn: – The New Normal conference at PennDesign – India as a Pioneer of Innovation Conference – Neil Blumenthal from Warby Parker – Patrik Schumacher from Zaha Hadid Architects at PennDesign – BizTech@ Wharton 2013 conference

Knowledge: – Learn the basics of Photoshop in an easy tutorial http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=14d4d41e35&e=4b88744fb2 Wharton Design Website (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=6f0305337d&e=4b88744fb2)

Dear Website,

We are so proud of the 12 teams and all their passion and commitment to the Design Challenge. The Michael Kors team was floored by the results and are excited to incorporate ideas from all teams in the next stages of their technology development and deployment. Hiro and I will be following up with teams on feedback from Round One this week and our VP's of Design Challenge will have a survey prepared to ask for your thoughts sometime next week.

With the Design Challenge behind us, Hiro and I are excited for the Club to get together socially and professionally before the holidays and look forward to seeing you and meeting some of you for the first time in the coming weeks.

– Dave

** The Penn Design Challenge Winners

On Friday, November 8, 2013, five teams presented their innovative solutions and recommendations for how Michael Kors could create a transoformative retail experienc using mobile and social technologies. A panel consisting of the Michael Kors team, design experts from Fjord and Bressler Group as well as members of the Design Club Board concluded that the team that designed Chrome Kore, a compelling loyalty program for MK, were the first ever Grand Prize winners of the Penn Design Challenge.

Congratulations to Team 6: Kristy Kimball (Design), Emily Kahn (IPD), Xinjie Ma (Engineering), Yenting Liu (Engineering), Aditi Nim (Wharton), Anjali Bhatia (Wharton)! The team will receive a prize of $5000, lunch with Michael Kors CEO John Idol and a chance to pitch their ideas to executives at Michael Kors HQ in New York.

While the judges were deliberating on the Grand Prize winner, the audience cast their vote for their favorite team and presentation. They crowned Team 8 as winners of the People's Choice Award. Congratulations to Kangyi Zheng (Design), David Conegliano (Engineering), James Gault (Engineering), Tan Tran (IPD), Cathy Li (Wharton), and Jessica Park (Wharton)! They won $1000 in cash.

** Careers

Botouner seeking MBA Intern

Botouner (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=3db5431493&e=4b88744fb2) is a new digital app that allows you to transform your digital photos into custom paraphernalia (buttons, bottle openers, stickers etc). The app was created by a Mark Yarmarkovich, a Penn Medical PhD candidate with broad experience in cancer biology, biotechnology, and development of personalized medicine in oncology.

Mark seeks an intern (for immediate start) to help with Marketing efforts. MBA candidates with digital marketing experience are preferred but anyone interested should contact him to discuss yarmarkovich@gmail.com.

** Events at Penn

The New Normal: Experiments in Contemporary Generative Design November 14-15, 2013 Lower Gallery of Meyerson Hall @PennDesign

Join our colleagues at PennDesign and listen to headlining architects Neil Denari, from Neil M. Denari Architects, and Ben van Berkel, from UNStudio. The focus of the symposium will be to assess the current state of technology and how researchers, practitioners, and theoreticians incorporate rigorous modes of speculation into their work. In particular, we are interested in how digital tools have allowed for new conceptions of the practice of architecture.

Register for tickets and check out the full agenda here: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=8a87b6f995&e=4b88744fb2

India as a Pioneer of Innovation: Constraints and Opportunities November 14-15, 2013 Where: School of Law, 3501 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 RSVP + More: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=cd7d1801dc&e=4b88744fb2 (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=bb87bd8dc0&e=4b88744fb2.)

“India as a Pioneer of Innovation: Constraints and Opportunities”, will bring together academics, industry leaders, government officials, and public policy experts from around the world to further our understanding of innovation in India, and its implications for world affairs. Confirmed keynote speakers for the conference include Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister of India and Chairman of the National Innovation Council, Arvind Subramanian, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the Center for Global Development, Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank, India’s largest private bank, and Kanwal Rekhi, Managing Director of Inventus Capital Partners and the first Indian-American Founder and CEO to IPO on NASDAQ. The conference will be hosted at the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Philadelphia on November 14-15, 2013 and at Wharton|San Francisco on the afternoon of November 18, 2013. The conference is open to the public and free to attend, but registration is required to attend conference sessions.

Neil Blumenthal from Warby Parker November 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm JMHH G06

The Jay H. Baker Retailing Center has invited Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and CEO of Warby Parker, to share his insights next week. Get there early, as it will likely be crowded.

Patrik Schumacher from Zaha Hadid Architects Wed. 20 November, 6:30pm - 8:00pm Lower Gallery, Meyerson Hall (PennDesign)

Patrik Schumacher (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=8f09fab2af&e=4b88744fb2) is partner at Zaha Hadid Architects. He joined in 1988 and has since been the co-author of many key projects. Together with Zaha Hadid, he built up Zaha Hadid Architects to become a 400 strong global architecture brand.

Doblin Innovation Consulting November 21 at 12.00pm JMHH 355

Doblin (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=e79b3b5201&e=4b88744fb2) is Monitor Deloitte's Innovation practice, and is a thought leader in the discipline of innovation, and how it can be used to create competitive advantage and drive organic growth. Jeff Wordham, a Partner of Monitor Deloitte, will be on campus to share insights on Doblin. Jeff focuses on helping companies identify and exploit new sources of profitable growth through innovation, including developing and commercializing new business concepts.

BizTech@Wharton Conference: Beyond Connected November 22, 2013 At the Union League of Philadelphia

This year's conference includes talks and panels on the 3D printing revolution, education and technology, the future of wearables.

Early bird BizTech@Wharton Conference ticket sales at the discounted Wharton student price of $35 ends this Sunday, November 10th! For those of you interested in tech, purchase your tickets now (http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=e379b3b007&e=4b88744fb2) and join the 18th annual BizTech@Wharton conference on Friday, November 22nd at the Union League of Philadelphia. Register Now!


** Knowledge

Learn the basics of Photoshop and more

Interested in learning how to use Photoshop, start with this easy tutorial to get the basics of this amazing tool: http://whartondesignclub.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d073e07989ca2b0053218c9de&id=3974a3550a&e=4b88744fb2

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