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Design Challenge full speed ahead
- Design Wednesdays - come this Wed 12pm @ JMHH 45!
Careers: Jump Associates job opening, Wharton Business Plan positions as well
- Events: Two events this week
- Knowledge: check out our fresh content

Design Challenge

We had another fantastic workshop this past Friday, this time facilitated by four designers from Fjord ( ), a service design consultancy that specializes in understanding and creating customer experiences, particularly in a digital form. Here are bio's of our facilitators.

As part of the workshop, our teams got a crash course in making prototypes with PopApp ( ), a rapid prototyping app that literally allows you to create a clickable prototype with a phone, some paper and a pen in less than 30 minutes. Check out what some of the teams came up with in just 30 minutes! (Example 1 , Example 2 ) .

Design Wednesdays - This Week!

Come to JMHH F45 on Wed Oct 9 @ 12pm-120pm

Innovation is one of the hottest buzzwords in the business world, but what does it really mean in terms of a career for you? This Wednesday Wharton Design will demystify the types of opportunities available for students interested in the innovation space.

Career Management Resources: Robyn Ettinger from Career Management is going to speak about where students interested in innovation typically end up full-time, and new opportunities for Wharton students in the innovation space. She will also provide an overview of how best to use Career Management in your job search.

Landscape: Wharton Design's Career VPs will give an overview of the innovation landscape; What are the large sub-industries, who are the significant players, and where are there unexpected opportunities.

Discussion Panel: . David Wynne (Navistar, Newbalance, Alcoa, etc) . Hiro Ellis (frog, Innovation Consulting) . Anant Gupta (Fahrenheit 212, Innovation Consulting) . Izzy Park (Deloitte Innovation+Growth, Incubator) . John Pettengill (Razorfish, Digital Agency)

For those who can't make it, we will record and post this session for you and we will try to schedule a secondary timeframe the works for everyone. Please fill out this survey ( ) so we can find other times that generally work for all club members!


Jump Associates ( ) is a strategy and innovation consulting firm that helps companies grow by creating new businesses and reinventing existing ones. They are currently seeking IPD and Wharton students who will be graduating this winter. Please see our blog post for the full details and how to apply:

Wharton Business Plan Competition ( ) is seeking additional members for the student management committee including Director of Social Impact, Director of Mentoring and Education, Director of Marketing, and Director of Judge Relations. If you are interested, check out our blog post to learn more (applications are due TODAY 10/8 at 11:59pm)


Provost Interdisciplinary Seminar, Fri Oct 11 9am-4pm Legacy and Innovation - Unlocking Value in Regional Energy Assets. If you are interested in energy and innovation, take a look at this Friday's event on campus to explore the nexus between legacy and innovation using a salient platform: the Philadelphia region's active discussion of how to leverage its large collection of legacy energy assets into an economic development strategy.

The Innovation Economy 2013, Sat Oct 12 9am-3pm Temple University's Graduate Student Association of the Fox School of Business is hosting a full day with two featured speakers, two meals, and multiple panel discussions spanning healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship.


Curious about Design? Check out a recent post to the website by our co-President, Dave Wynne, setting a common foundation:

How can you start? If you'd like to start flexing your design thinking muscles in everyday life, check out "50 Problems in 50 Days" ( ) by Pete Smart. Pete travels over 2,500 miles to try and solve 50 simple problems (e.g. my soup is too hot- let me use my sleeves) in 50 days. It proves you don't have to be a designer to come up with solutions to problems- you just need to make a commitment to "the other" -- in understanding the user.