Today's Lineup

  • Welcome our new Board Members!!

  • Academics: Courses outside your program! Office hours!

  • Career: Pressed Juicery EIS!

  • Events: TEDx Penn!! Booz & Co on Innovation!

New Board Members!

The team is officially stacked! We'd like to extend a huge welcome to all of our new board members, comprised of students from multiple programs across Penn. We are lucky to have you all and are excited for the coming year! Please check out our updated leadership page on the website here   to read bio's and see photos!

Anant Gupta, VP Community (Wharton)
Christina Franz, VP Community (PennDesign)
Anjali Bhatia, VP Community (Wharton)
Izzy Park, VP Knowledge (Wharton)
Ami Vora, VP Knowledge (Wharton)
Rena Friend, Treasurer  (Wharton)
Emily Kahn, Director Career (IPD)
Janet Chang, Director Sponsorships (Wharton)
Jennifer Scott, Director Career (Wharton)
Jessica Park, Director Career (Wharton)
Jill Kurtz, Director Knowledge (PennDesign)
Raghu Hariharan, Director Academics (Wharton)
Taylor Knoche, Director Marketing (PennDesign)
Audrey Zhao, Director Innovation Summit (Wharton)
Daniel Ng, Director Innovation Summit (Wharton)


Q&A and Mentoring: Wednesday Oct 30, 1pm-2pm in MBA Cafe

Spring course registration is here for non-program classes, especially for Wharton students because the advanced registration period is already open. Read on if you wish to register for courses outside of your program. Advance registration is open from Oct 21 to Nov 3.

Glory Nguyen, our amazing VP of Academics, created this presentation   to help explain the opportunities and paths across different aspects of design, spanning engineering to art and business to entrepreneurship.

She will be at the MBA cafe on the 2nd floor of Huntsman hall tomorrow (Wednesday) to answer any questions you have. If you'd like to try to meet other times on Wednesday or have a specific question please email her directly at


Pressed Juicery Employer Information Session Monday, Nov 11 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM @ JMHH 350 RSVP for EIS

Pressed Juicery is coming to Penn on November 11. Don't miss out on some delicious juice and the opportunity to meet one of the founders together with key executives.

Pressed Juicery is a California based premium specialty retailer for cold-pressed juices that are blended daily. Each bottle of our juices contains 5 pounds of the freshest raw produce and provides a convenient way for people to take on the vital nutrients in order to function at their optimal levels. Since its inception in 2010, Pressed Juicery has experienced tremendous growth and is on track to building 20 retail locations with exceptional 4-wall operating margins and a flourishing online e-commerce business. Our small storefront concept produces some of the most productive stores in retail in terms of revenue per square foot, IRRs and cash on cash payback periods. Pressed Juicery has enjoyed unparalleled brand ascendancy due to its notable celebrity clientele and has received close to 500 million gross impressions of free media exposure and growing globally. Please refer to our website at   for more details.

Who we are looking for: We are looking for first year MBA students and seniors in undergrad with career interests in marketing, strategy or corporate development, We provide a unique learning environment that attracts, retains and develops world-class leaders. Be a part of our team because we are doing exciting things. Be a part of our team because you are going to get more responsibility at this stage of your career than you would at a bigger company. If you are a magnetic self-starter who is ready to make an impact as part of a dynamic and high growth organization, we want to talk to you.

Who we will bring to the presentation: 1. Founder and CEO: Hayden Slater 2. COO: Eugene Kim (Wharton '07, DLJ, BCG, Gores Group) 3. CFO: Vance Chang (Wharton '07, Deloitte, Oracle, Moelis)

We are excited to share our vision and products with Wharton students and we look forward to the 11th.

Divisions Present Strategy, Finance, Marketing Target Audience 1st and 2nd Years welcome, with focus on intern hiring Location of Job Offerings Santa Monica (L.A. area), CA Work Authorization Company will sponsor work authorization



TEDx Penn is having an event on Nov 2. This year, the conference theme is "Creating the Sound," syncing up with Penn's "Year of Sound" programming. The conference will bring together some of the brightest Penn thinkers and doers, each one invited to talk about an idea worth spreading. The speakers will come from a variety of departments, fields of research, and areas of expertise, ranging from undergraduate students to faculty. These talks are not lectures; each one is designed to engage the audience, challenge conventional ideas or practices, and hopefully expand the way that we think. Only 100 students can attend, so apply now if you can!   (tickets are $40 if you are invited).

Booz & Company Industry Primer:  "The 2013 Global Innovation 1000 Study:  Navigating the Digital Future"

November 4, 2013, 12:00pm - 1:30pm @ JMHH Room 370

What:  Year after year, Booz & Company's Global Innovation 1000 study has demonstrated that it is not how much companies spend on research and development that determines success-what really matters is how those R&D funds are invested in capabilities, talent, process, and tools. In addition to our recurring analysis of R&D spending trends, our ninth annual study of the world's 1,000 largest publicly listed corporate R&D spenders focuses on the digital enablers of the innovation process: how the most successful companies are-and aren't- using digital tools and processes to improve speed, decrease cost, enhance quality, reduce complexity, and sharpen insight into customer and market needs to improve their innovation efforts.

Richard Holman will be on campus to share insights from this year's study.  Richard is a Florham Park-based Partner with Booz & Company and is an expert on innovation, specifically in new product innovation, product development and product quality.

Questions: Amit Nagar ( or Megan Bross (