What does the ID club do?

Our vision is to make UPenn and Wharton synonymous with innovation and cross-collaboration. Throughout the year, we hold workshops in empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing. We host the Penn Design Challenge and Healthcare Design Challenge. And with career treks and MBACM-led sessions, we connect our members to resources that will help them pursue a career in innovation.


Design is about creation.


Design thinking is a problem-solving process centered around human behavior

Many people hear the word design and think: “I can’t draw.” But design doesn’t have to be about artistic talent. Instead, design is an iterative, human-centered process of problem-solving within constraints that can be learned by anyone.

See ID come to life

Apple | Steve Jobs on Design

Airbnb | How design thinking transformed Airbnb from a failing startup to a billion dollar business

Capital One | Why Capital One is banking on experimentation

PepsiCo | How Indra Nooyi turned design thinking into strategy

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Our leadership team

Our History

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“Innovation is significant positive change.”

We were founded in 2012, with a mission to bring awareness of design thinking to the business world. Design thinking has many definitions, but we like the one above from Scott Berkus.