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The MBA Innovation Summit

Friday, February 21, in New York City.

The MBA Innovation Summit (MBAIS) is an opportunity to dig deeper into the motivations and methods behind managing innovation and creative strategies within teams and companies. The MBAIS brings together leaders from innovative companies, clients with innovative problems, and students who have innovative dreams to discover how we can learn from each other to build disruptive and evidence-based ideas for the future.

We've put together a great list of speakers from companies such as Quirky, Ziba Design, Farenheit 212, ?WhatIf!, Co:Collective,, among others.

Benefits of attending include:

  • Deepening your knowledge about the intersection of design thinking, innovation, and business
  • Learning how to generate new ideas for established firms and flexible start-ups alike
  • Connect with diverse yet like-minded people
  • General bragging rights

Press coverage from Poets & Quants: “When people think of design and innovation, they usually think of design school, art school, or design companies,” says June Chang, a second-year MBA at Wharton who’s on the organization committee for MBAIS. Though students planning careers in finance or consulting might shy away from a conference that focuses on relatively soft concepts, Chang contends that these concepts can be applied to any and all work environments. “I think it’s more the way you think rather than pretty products or interesting toys”  Read the full article: